How to block specific phone numbers from a phone

Updated April 08, 2017

Unwanted, unsolicited and harassing phone calls can be stopped using the call block or call rejection service provided by your landline, mobile or VoIP phone service provider. Call block service allows you to create a list of phone numbers that will not be able to connect to your phone line. Not all phone numbers are eligible for blocking, including certain 800 numbers and numbers like 911 and 411.

Dial "*60" from your landline or VoIP phone service and enter each of the 10 digit phone numbers you would like to block from your phone. The number of incoming calls you can block will vary from provider to provider.

Contact your mobile or landline service provider by phone and request that the number be blocked. Many providers offer the ability to have one or two phone numbers blocked to prevent harassment.

Visit the AT&T website and log in to your wireless account online. Click "Account overview" from the landing page followed by "Manage smart limits for wireless." Click "Block numbers" and enter the 10 digit phone number or numbers you would like to block from connecting to your device. Click "Save" once you have completed your list. AT&T Smart Limits allows users to block up to 15 phone numbers.

Open the Sprint website and log in to your My Sprint online account. From the account landing page click "My preferences," "Permissions and limits," "Block voice." Click "Block only the following numbers for inbound and outbound calls" and enter the 10 digit number(s) you would like to block. Click "Save" after completing your list to update your account. Sprint allows subscribers to block up to 50 phone numbers.

Visit Verizon online and log in to your wireless account. Click "More" in the "I want to" section and click "Set usage controls." Click "Profile," "Add usage controls," and accept the terms of use for the usage controls service. Click "Block numbers" and enter the 10 digit phone number for each number you would like to block. Click "Save" to update your account. Verizon Wireless allows customers to block up to 20 phone numbers.

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