How to set cubase to factory default

Updated February 21, 2017

Steinberg's Cubase application lets you compose music, record instrumental pieces and vocals on a computer and then mix and edit the sounds. You can record audio in multiple tracks to isolate such elements as drums, guitars and vocals on their own tracks and edit them independently. You might customise the interface, such as changing the positions of notes and clefs in the layout tool, or how notes are spaced out in your composition. If the changes you made no longer suit your needs, you can reset Cubase back to the factory default for the current staff you are working on, or on all staves.

Launch Cubase on your computer.

Click on "Select Reset Layout" from the Scores menu. You will see the "Reset Layout" dialogue box.

Click on the check boxes next to options you want to reset, such as "Layout Tool" or "Coordinates."

Click on "This Staff" to reset the settings for the current staff. Click "All Staves" to reset all staves to the factory defaults.

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