How to get the chemical smell out of a new mattress

A new mattress, with its superior firmness and support, should enhance your comfort level and sleep quality. Mattress off-gassing, an unfortunate problem that often arises with the purchase of a new mattress, may confront you after you install your new mattress in your bedroom. Chemical odours may simply be slightly irritating, or they may affect you to the point of making you sick. Getting the chemical smell out of a new mattress is vital to ensure it does not affect your health.

Unwrap the mattress and place it in an outdoor location where it can have exposure to fresh air; for instance, lean the mattress up against a wall in a garage with cross-ventilation.

Leave the mattress in this location for two to three weeks to enable the initial off-gassing to occur outdoors. The strongest odours from the mattress should emit during this time.

Cover the mattress completely with a polythene mattress cover, zipping the cover around the mattress securely.

Install the mattress into the bedroom.

Cover the mattress top with a cotton mattress topper. The mattress topper will add a layer of comfort over the polythene mattress cover and will provide another layer between you and the mattress.


Use an organic mattress made from natural materials to avoid chemical and odour emissions.


If you experience any unusual health issues in the weeks and months after installing a new mattress, remove the mattress. Some common health issues include headaches, nausea, dizziness, sinus congestion, flu symptoms and coughing.

Things You'll Need

  • Polythene mattress cover (zippered)
  • Cotton mattress topper
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