How to Get Arena Tickets Easily on Wizard101

Updated April 17, 2017

"Wizard101," the children's MMORPG, uses three different types of currency: crowns, gold and arena tickets. Arena tickets are earned through battling other players in ranked duels. The number of arena tickets you receive depends on the rank of your opponent, and on whether you win or lose. (You will still receive some arena tickers for losing a ranked duel.) Arena tickets are similar to other currency in that they can be used to purchase exclusive items and upgrades.

Go to "" and log into your account.

Go to the duelling arena located along Unicorn Way.

Choose the leftmost scroll inside the duelling arena. The left scroll is for ranked matches, which will earn arena tickets. The right scroll is for practice matches, and earns nothing.

Choose between a single match or a match involving multiple opponents. Single matches are faster and thus can help you earn arena tickets more easily.

Battle against your opponent. The number of arena tickets you receive from each battle depends on rank. The higher the level of your opponent, the more tickets you will receive.

Use your arena tickets to purchase exclusive items. Arena tickets can be redeemed by certain shopkeepers in Unicorn Way and at the Pet Pavilion.


Battles can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.


You cannot participate in ranked matches unless you have a paid membership.

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