How to turn off iTunes autoplay on import

Updated April 17, 2017

By default, iTunes will automatically play music CDs and MP3 tracks while importing the tracks to your iTunes library. Autoplay might interrupt your current playlist or play music you don't want to listen to until later. Turning off autoplay will stop iTunes from automatically playing music CDs, MP3s, and downloaded tracks. With Autoplay disabled, you have complete control over what music iTunes plays.

Open iTunes.

Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu to open the iTunes Preferences dialogue. If you use an Apple computer, select "Preferences" from the "iTunes" menu.

Click the "Advanced" button to open the Advanced Preferences dialogue.

Click the "Importing" tab. Remove the check from the check box marked "Play songs while importing or converting."

Click "Ok" to apply your changes. iTunes will no longer play tracks automatically while importing them.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple iTunes
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