How to Make Tight Jeans Looser

Updated April 17, 2017

Jeans are practical, stylish and durable, but when they are too tight they can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Denim jeans are made from cotton -- one of the most widely-used, durable and soft fabrics in the world. There are several ways to break in cotton, weakening the fibres and making tight jeans looser. Don´t spend money on another pair of jeans -- learn how to make your tight pair loose and comfortable to wear.

Put on your tight pair of jeans before you go to bed and sleep in them for one night. Although it may be uncomfortable, wearing your jeans for an extended period of time helps to break in the fabric making them looser.

Mist your jeans with warm water using a spray bottle. Put jeans on and perform some basic stretches, such as touching your toes and lunges. Continue to wear the jeans until they are completely dry. Wearing them while they are slightly damp stretches the cotton fibres.

Fit your jeans over the top of a chair. Button and zip the jeans closed and place the waist opening over the top of the chair. Allow jeans to stretch overnight. Use this method if the jeans fit in the legs and thighs, but are too tight in the waist.


Do not dry your jeans in a dryer. Allow them to air dry to ensure that they will not shrink and become tight once again. Wear your tight jeans as much as possible around the house to break them in before wearing them out.


Do not force your jeans over the top of the chair. Forcing them may cause the jeans to rip. Choose a chair that will stretch them out without ripping the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Chair
  • Spray bottle
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