How to Write in a Guest Book

Guest books provide more than just a list of names; they mark special moments such as weddings, baby showers and funerals. In a traditional guest book, there is little room for more than a name, address and brief comment. For weddings, bridal and baby showers, and funerals, attendees likely will sign guest books so that family members can remember who attended the special occasion and also be able to send thank you notes later.

Open the guest book and turn the pages until you find the first open space for a new entry.

Locate the pen used for signing. If there is no pen provided, use your own.

Look for any written instructions the hosts might have posted near the guest book, such as a request that signers write special memories about the person or people being honoured at the event. If none springs to mind, consider writing a short note about a favourite moment from the event itself. When deciding what to write, be respectful and considerate of your hosts and the nature of the event. Always refrain from negative comments or sarcastic comments that could be misunderstood.

On the first available blank space, fill in your name, address and any other information requested. Use careful penmanship, writing in print if your handwriting tends to be difficult to read.

At group events, such as weddings or baby showers, leave the book open for the next person to sign. When visiting a home, hotel or other temporary lodging, return the book to the state in which you found it, either closed or open.

Things You'll Need

  • Guest book
  • Pen (in case one is not provided)
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