How to Take a Sony CDX-GT340 off Demo Mode

Written by meredith jameson | 13/05/2017

The Sony CDX-GT340 is a car stereo with AM/FM radio and a compact disc player. The unit can store up to six different radio stations, and offers sound equalisation, repeat and shuffle disc play and a digital clock. When the stereo is first installed into a car, the unit may still be set to "Demo Mode" which is commonly used in many car stereo stores. Taking the stereo off of demo mode only requires a few steps.

Press and hold the "Select" button until the set-up menu appears on the display.

Push the "Select" button repeatedly until "Demo" appears on the display.

Turn the volume control dial until "Demo Off" appears on the display.

Press and hold the "Select" button to confirm. The stereo is now ready to operate in normal mode.

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