How to Speed Up Sound on the VLC Player

Updated July 20, 2017

VLC is an open-source media-playing application for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. VLC can play either audio or video files. You can adjust VLC's playback speed and speed up or slow down the sound of a file you're playing from its playback menu or with a keyboard shortcut. If you're playing a video file, the video's playback speed will also increase to match the speed of the sound.

Click the "Playback" menu at the top of the VLC window.

Click the "Faster" or "Faster (Fine)" option in the menu to speed up the playback. The "Faster (Fine)" option speeds up the playback a smaller amount than the "Faster" option.

Repeat this process until the sound is playing at the desired speed. If you want to make the speed slower or the normal speed, you can also click "Slower," "Slower (Fine)" or "Normal Speed" in the menu.

Press the "]" key near the upper-left corner of your keyboard to speed up the audio. Keep pressing this key until the audio is the desired speed.

Press the "[" key to the right of the "]" key to slow down the audio, if desired.

Press the "=" key if you want to play the sound back at its normal speed.

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