How to Scare Rabbits Away From a Garden

Updated February 21, 2017

Rabbits are severe pests in the garden because they nip the tops off growing plants and eat the leaves from plants. Identify rabbit damage by leaves that look as though they have been cut with a knife. Rabbits have sharp teeth and they scissor the leaves away, unlike deer that tear the leaves, leaving behind a jagged edge. If you want to keep your garden rabbit-free, but you do not want to hurt the rabbits, use scare tactics instead.

Allow your dog to play in your garden for short intervals of time. Watch your dog to make sure that it does not dig anything up. The sight and scent of a dog frightens the rabbits off.

Hang plastic owls in your tree to keep the rabbits wary. Rotate the owls so that the rabbits do not become accustomed to them.

Leave rubber snakes strewn throughout your garden. Rabbits are instinctively afraid of snakes, and if they see what they think is a snake, they will not remain in the area. Move the snakes from time to time so that your rabbits do not get used to them.

Clear away any brush near your garden. Rabbits are timid animals that rely on cover to get from place to place. If your yard and garden has many open spaces, they will be more shy about approaching it.

Make a scare device by punching a hole in a pie plate, attaching it to a string and then attaching the string to one end of a dowel rod. Plant the dowel rod in your garden. The light from sunlight hitting the plate and the movement as the wind blows it around startles the rabbits into running away.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber snakes
  • Plastic owls
  • Dowel rod
  • String
  • Nail
  • Pie pan
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