How to Fumigate for Fleas

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have pets, chances are you will eventually have fleas inside your home. Fleas embed themselves in carpets, furniture and bedding -- washing just one of these will not eliminate all fleas since they jump from one thing to another. Fumigating is one way to get rid of fleas in all areas of your home. Taking care of the fleas on your pet at the same time is a good way to make sure they stay out.

Purchase flea bombs. Check the box and purchase the type that has chemicals that will also prevent further infestations of fleas. Purchase enough bombs to cover the recommended area based on the size of your home.

Remove all pets from the home. Take your dog or cat to the groomer for a flea bath to remove any evidence of fleas so that your home does not become reinfested. Purchase a once-a-month flea product to apply to your pet.

Remove the entire family from the home prior to fumigating. Place bombs throughout the home, spaced according to the directions on the package, setting them on paper towels or pieces of paper so they don't ruin carpets if they tip over. Set off each bomb room by room and immediately exit the room.

Exit the home and stay out for at least 4 to 5 hours. Spray a pesticide on the lawn outside of your home so fleas do not jump back on your animal and re-enter the home. Allow the bombs to work prior to anyone entering the home.

Re-enter the home and open all windows to allow the rooms to ventilate. Vacuum all rugs and sweep all floors to remove any residue from the bombs. Wash all kitchen utensils, countertops and appliances prior to using them. Wash any bedding that was present during the fumigation. Sprinkle flea powder on carpets and allow it to absorb for 30 minutes. Vacuum up the powder and throw out the bag or empty the vacuum tank.

Things You'll Need

  • Flea bombs
  • Paper towels
  • Outdoor flea pesticide
  • Vacuum
  • Flea powder
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