How to Make Netflix Stream in 720P Not 480P

Updated February 21, 2017

Netflix is a service that gives you the ability to rent movies and TV shows via mail, plus it enables you to stream content instantly through different devices including certain Blu-ray players, Wii gaming consoles and PS3 consoles. Users who stream Netflix through a PS3 console connected to a TV that supports 720p video resolution are able to watch movies and TV shows in high definition; however, if the video output settings on the PS3 aren't set to enable 720p, Netflix will play in 420p by default. You can swiftly enable 720p streaming on your PS3 through the output settings. 720p stands for a resolution of 720 lines with a progressive scan that updates the lines in each refresh pass on the screen.

Turn on your PS3 console.

Navigate to the "Settings" option using the arrows on your PS3 remote.

Scroll down to the "Display Settings" option and press the "X" button on your remote.

Scroll to the "Video Output Settings" and press the "X" button to select that option.

Confirm the type of connection you use with your PS3. For instance, if you use an HDMI cable, select the "HDMI" option and press the "X" button on your remote.

Select the "Custom" setting option and then press "X" on your remote. Thereafter scroll to the option that says "720p" and check the checkbox by pressing the "X" button on your remote. Press the "X" button to save the changes. Now you can stream Netflix in 720p.


Wii consoles stream videos in 480i and 480p resolution. Unlike the PS3, the Wii does not play videos in high definition. If your TV does not support 720p resolution you cannot stream Netflix in 720p.

Things You'll Need

  • TV with 720p resolution capabilities.
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