How to Put Nuts on the Side of a Cake

Updated April 17, 2017

For those that love to bake, it's an accomplishment to see your perfectly baked cake fresh from the oven. All it needs is decor to turn it into a masterpiece. Frosting is the easy part. If you are trying to further embellish your cake, that's where it gets more difficult. If you want to coat the cake with crushed or chopped nuts for instance, it's not as simple as you think. It takes a little technique to get the nuts onto the sides of the cake, while making it look professional.

Place the cake on a platter and frost it with your chosen frosting.

Pour a handful of sliced or chopped nuts into one hand and lift the cake platter with the other hand. Hold the cake over a large bowl.

Lightly press the nuts in your hand onto the side of the cake. Many will fall back into the bowl. Don't worry you can use them again.

Remove excess frosting from your fingers before pressing more nuts onto the cake, to keep the presentation neat-looking. Rotate the plate, as you work -- until all the sides of the cake are evenly coated.


Use a rotating cake stand if possible, to help with evenly coating the cake with the nuts.

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