How to Reduce Skype Lag

Updated April 17, 2017

Skype calls provide face-to-face communication for friends, family and business people that would otherwise be prohibited due to location. The joys and convenience of Skype calls, however, can quickly become diminished if calls have lag. Slow connections lead to choppy video, audio cutting out and general frustration for both parties. For those experiencing slow connections or delays in video or audio, users on both ends can take a few steps to reduce the lag.

Close any unnecessary programs. Programs running in the background, especially programs playing music or video, greatly affect your computer's speed and performance.

Cancel any active file downloads. Downloads can bog down your system and use valuable bandwidth, leading to Skype lag.

Plug your laptop in or switch it to maximum performance. Laptops running on their batteries may go into power save mode and interfere with your Skype connection.

Check the chart provided by Skype ( to ensure that both parties have the minimum amount of bandwidth to make calls.

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