How to Clean & Deodorize a Washing Machine & Clothes

Updated February 21, 2017

Washers are meant to make your clothes smell fresh and clean, so it may be surprising to find a musty smell coming from the inside of your machine after several years of use. Mold build-up from standing water can cause your washing machine to give off a terrible smell. Proper cleaning of your washer machine on occasion can remove the smell and prevent clothes from smelling after being laundered.

Place four to five dishwashing tablets in the tub of the washing machine.

Set the washing machine to a high temperature such as the hot setting.

Start the washing machine but stop it once the washer is done with the fill cycle. Add extra water through the soap dispenser until the tub is completely full. Let the water-filled tub sit for five hours.

Start the wash process again to drain the water from the machine.


Wash your towels and other hot-wash items on occasion to kill germs and bacteria in the tub.

Things You'll Need

  • Detergent tablets
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