How to Use Your Own Domain on X10hosting

Written by lyan uaha | 13/05/2017

X10hosting allows you to easily switch from their free second-level domain ( and to a top-level domain of your own. You should have already purchased a top-level domain from an authorised domain name registrar for this purpose. Once you have switched to the top-level domain, you will no longer be able to use the free x10hosting second-level domain provided by them.

Log in to your x10hosting Account Management Panel.

Choose "Hosting" on the Account Management Panel webpage, and then select "Modify Domain."

Click to un-check the "Use an x10Hosting subdomain as my account's main domain" check-box below "Modify Main Domain."

Type your domain address in the "http://" box (for example:

Click the "Update Main Domain" button.

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