The Best Paper Plane Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Paper planes, created from single sheets of paper, are exciting to make and play with for adults and children. Many paper plane instructions are complicated which can make it difficult for you to successfully complete the plane. However if you follow directions for a basic dart plane, you will have the best paper plane that will fly straight across the room. Once finished, you can decorate the paper plane with markers to customise it.

Fold a single sheet of printer paper in half length wise. Run your finger firmly along the fold to flatten it. Place the folded paper horizontally in front of you with the fold positioned at the bottom.

Fold the right corner of the top layer over to touch the bottom fold. Line up the top edge with the bottom fold, and press the resulting fold to make it flat. This will cause the right top corner to be folded in a triangular form.

Turn the folded paper over and make the folded corner position on the left side. Fold the left corner over to touch the bottom fold as before. Line up the top edge with the bottom fold and press the resulting fold flat. The resulting pointed side of the folded paper serves as the plane's nose.

Fold both the front and back sides of the pointed end over again, lining up the top edges with the bottom fold. Press all of the new folds flat. Repeat this process a third time to make the front of the plane very sharp and pointed.

Grasp the paper plane by all of the folds, and allow the top folds to rest on top of your hand. These upper folds form the wings of the paper plane. Test your plane by tossing it gently forward.

Things You'll Need

  • White printer paper
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