How to Get Photos Off iPhone 3Gs

Updated April 17, 2017

The iPhone 3G comes equipped with a handy digital camera for simple photo snapping on the go. Because the phone sports an 8- or 16-gigabyte hard drive (and the photos are saved as a relatively small file size), users can store a large number of photos on the phone. If you want to share these photos in a digital album or make room on the phone for other media, you can easily transfer these photos to a computer.

Plug your iPhone into your computer.

Open "Image Capture." If you use a four-digit passcode to lock your phone, you will need to unlock this code to remotely access your photos. Once the passcode is cleared, the program will automatically recognise the phone.

Highlight and select the photos you want to import to the computer's hard drive. Click "Import" to transfer the files. Alternatively, you can click "Import All" to transfer all the photos at once. You can use the directory menu at the bottom of the Image Capture window to select the directory where you want to save the files. If you want to delete all the photos from your phone, press the "Apple" and "A" to select the photos and click the red-crossed circle button in Image Capture.

Plug the iPhone into your PC, while iTunes is not running.

Open "My Computer" or the main directory for your drives. Double-click the iPhone icon. If you use a four-digit passcode to lock your phone, you will need to unlock this code to remotely access your phone.

Select the photos you want to transfer and drag them from the phone to the desired directory on your hard drive. If you don't have a directory in mind, create a New Folder on the desktop by right-clicking the background and selecting the option. You can later move that directory to a different location.

Select all the photos you want to delete from your iPhone. Right-click one of the files and select "Delete."

Things You'll Need

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