How to make a fondant mermaid

Be prepared for gasps of delight when you show your little mermaid a fondant version of a mermaid cake for her birthday. The top half of this mythical creature is made from a doll, while the bottom half features a tail made from edible fondant. Perch your mermaid creature on top of a cake decorated like a rock surrounded by the ocean to lend authenticity to your design. Use cake tools to create textures on your fondant mermaid to complete the look.

Dust a flat work surface with confectioners' sugar. Place a 4 inch / 10 cm piece of fondant on the work surface. Knead the fondant, and work it into a ball with your palms.

Poke the top of the fondant ball with your finger to form an indentation. Squeeze several drops of blue or green food colouring into the hole. Gently knead the colour and the fondant together until thoroughly combined.

Separate 1/5 of the fondant from the ball and set it aside. Roll the remaining fondant into a sausage-like shape. Use your hands to roll one end of the shape to make a tapered end. Bend the fondant into a loose "C" shape and set it aside. This will be the mermaid's tail.

Roll the smaller portion of the fondant into a flat disc with a rolling pin. Use a sharp knife to cut out two fin shapes. Score the shapes with a vein tool to create texture.

Beat together 1 egg white and 1 tbsp of water in a small bowl. Dip a small paintbrush into the mixture and brush the backside of the narrow end of the tail. Carefully press the fins onto the mixture to secure them to the tail.

Create texture on the tail. Use a large round icing tip to create the scales on the fondant. Start at the widest end of the tail and press the icing tip into the fondant to create a half-moon shape. Repeat this motion to create more scales, covering the entire surface of the tail.

Brush the back of the tail and the fins with the egg white mixture. Arrange the tail on an iced cake, pressing lightly to secure it in place.

Remove the wrapping from the half doll pick. Press the pick and the bottom half of the body into the wide part of the tail. Position the arms and head according to taste. Allow the mermaid to dry for 6 hours or until hardened.


Choose a doll pick that resembles the cake recipient for a personalised mermaid cake. Press the doll pick into the fondant while the fondant is still soft.

Things You'll Need

  • Confectioners' sugar
  • Fondant
  • Blue or green food colouring
  • Rolling pin
  • Vein tool
  • Egg white
  • Small bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Large round icing tip
  • Half doll pick
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