How to make floating flower centerpieces

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're decorating for a wedding reception, holiday dinner or another important occasion, the table centrepiece is one aspect that showcases the aesthetic theme of the evening. Floating flower centrepieces in glass bowls are pleasing to the eye, simple to assemble and easy on your pocketbook. The concept of floating flower centrepieces is fairly simple, and the design and execution sets these centrepieces apart from your average table arrangement.

Choose the type of receptacles you want for the centrepieces. Clear glass or crystal bowls allow the best visibility for the floating flowers. Choose large bloom flowers to go inside the bowls such as brightly coloured Gerbera daisies, orchids or large roses to provide the greatest impact. Consider adding floating candles for added depth and shimmering light.

Pour crystals or coloured beads into the glass bowl, covering the bottom of the bowl. Choose coloured beads or crystals that complement your overall theme. The colours of the beads should coordinate with the blooms.

Fill the bowl halfway with water. This leaves enough room for the blooms to float unhindered by the rim of the bowl.

Cut the flower stems close to the bloom, about a half inch from the top to keep the bloom intact. Place one to three blooms in the water. The number of blooms depends upon the size of the glass bowl. Too many blooms will produce an overcrowded look that is not as attractive.

Add one or two floating candles to the water. The light from the candle bounces off the beads or crystals, providing a luminous display.


Keep your budget in mind when choosing between glass and crystal bowls. There are inexpensive etched glass bowls that catch the light and provide a dazzling display for these centrepieces. Floating candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the shapes of flowers. For these centrepieces, choose smooth, plain floating candles so as not to take away from the effect of the floating flowers. These do-it-yourself centrepieces allow your creativity to shine. Pick flowers that compliment your personality while keeping in line with the overall theme and style. Vases work well for these centrepieces; choose vases under 12 inches in height so that they do not hinder table conversation. You can place a wreath of flowers around the base of the glass bowl for additional colour and decoration for your tables. Use the same flowers as those floating in the centrepiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass or crystal bowls
  • Crystals or coloured glass beads
  • Water
  • Large bloom flowers
  • Floating candles
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