How to make a smiley face with punctuation

Updated July 19, 2017

A smiley is composed of a series of characters on the computer keyboard used to add emotion to e-mail, text messages and instant messages. Adding a smiley face made with punctuation helps convey emotion that might be difficult to interpret from the text. Typing a smiley face into your message is a quick way to express thoughts and emotions without having to type out the words.

Type a colon for the eyes of your smiley face. If you want a smiley with glasses, use the number eight for eyes instead of a colon.

Type a dash to represent your smiley's nose. The nose is part of the classic smiley, but you can leave it out.

Type a right-side parenthesis for the smile. For a larger smile, type a capital "D" in place of the parenthesis.


Refrain from using smiley faces or other emoticons in business correspondence.

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