How to Tie Hiking Boot Laces

Updated June 27, 2018

Hiking boots use a variety of different lace materials but they are all easily secured with one knot. The knot is no different the tying everyday shoes and it may be double and triple tied to prevent loosening on the trail. You must also have a snug fit without making the knot uncomfortably tight. Tying the laces on your hiking boots is easily accomplished in less than one minute, but new knot tiers will require some practice to perfect the technique.

Cross the laces and pull them tight through the hooks located on the sides of the hiking boot. Not all hiking shoes use the hook system, but it is common for lacing high-top boots.

Hold one lace in each of your hands. Cross the laces and switch the laces in your hands. Wrap the lace in your right hand over the lace in your left hand pull on each lace to tighten the unsecured knot around the boot.

Make a loop in the lace in your left hand. Make a loose wrap around the loop with the lace in your right hand. Catch the lace through the inside of the wrap and pull it through to create two loops and a knot. Pull the knot tight.

Tie an overhand knot with the two loops to ensure the laces will not come loose while hiking.


Triple knot the laces if they are loosening while you hike. Some laces have a wax coating that allows them to slip unless knotted several times.


Overtightened laces will reduce circulation and create an uncomfortable experience. Under-tightened laces will allow your ankles to roll and increase the potential for a sprain.

Things You'll Need

  • Hiking boots
  • Laces
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