How to Blow a Heart-Shaped Smoke Ring

Updated April 17, 2017

Blowing a heart-shaped smoke ring is a minor variation of the traditional smoke ring. This trick can be used to impress friends but will require a lot of practice. It requires precise mouth and tongue movements and shapes. Practice by yourself until you are confident you can perform the trick in public. This will also require a calm indoor setting to perform, because any wind or air movement will prevent the heart shape from forming.

Puff on the cigarette until you have a mouthful of smoke. Close your mouth and lips. Pull the back of your tongue as far back into your throat as possible. The tip of your tongue will now be about half an inch away from your teeth.

Slowly open your mouth, jaw and lips to form an "O" shape at the lips. Lift the centre of your bottom lip up higher than the sides of your bottom lip. Adjust your top lip to create a triangle shape with right and left sides at a 45-degree angle and the centre of your top lip forming a point. This requires a lot of lip dexterity and flexibility.

Curl the top of your tongue so it is touching the bottom of your mouth and the centre of your tongue is almost touching the roof of your mouth. Slide your tongue forward with the tip sliding against the bottom of your mouth. The air from your mouth will be gently pushed out and force the smoke through your heart-shaped lips, forming the heart-shaped smoke ring.


Smoking has been linked to heart disease and cancer.

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