How to sign an envelope

Updated November 21, 2016

Signing an envelope with the proper information is important for delivery purposes. If the information is incorrect or placed in the wrong spot, the envelope may not reach its destination. The information you should provide includes your name and address and the address you are sending the envelope to.

Place the envelope with the flap side face down.

Use your writing utensil to write your name on the upper left corner. Write your house, apartment or building number followed by the street you live on one line below your name. On the third line, write your city, your state and your area code. This is the return address and will aid the mailing service in returning the envelope to you if it is undeliverable.

Write the name of the person you are sending the envelope to in the middle of the envelope 2 1/2 inches above the bottom. The bottom of the envelope will be used by the mailing service. Write the house, apartment or building number on the link under the recipient's name followed by the street. On the third line write the recipient's city, state and postcode.

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