How to Get Thin Eyebrows

Updated April 17, 2017

Few women are born with thin, well-shaped eyebrows. Many women have to work to change their asymmetrical eyebrows, bushy eyebrows and unibrows into thin eyebrows. Some even go so far as plucking out every hair and then painting their eyebrows back on with eyebrow markers. The easiest and most natural way to get thin eyebrows is to shape the eyebrows you already have.

Pluck out eyebrow hairs that extend past your tear ducts between your brows as well as hairs that extend past your outside eyelashes. Pluck out one at a time using eyebrow tweezers (See reference).

Begin by plucking one hair at a time along the bottom of your eyebrow (See reference). Watch to make sure you do not pluck too many. Eyebrows should have a natural arch to them over the middle of your eye. Keep this shape by plucking evenly along your eyebrows.

Gently and carefully, trim eyebrow hair with a small pair of scissors if you have some hairs that are extremely bushy or long (See reference). Be careful not to trim too many hairs.

Apply a little bit of eyebrow gel or hair gel to keep the brows smooth and in the shape you want them to be (See reference).

Things You'll Need

  • Eyebrow tweezers
  • Scissors
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