How to word an "in memory of" plaque

Written by faizah imani | 13/05/2017
How to word an "in memory of" plaque
Create a lasting testament for your loved one with a memorial plaque. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

When a loved one dies, a memorial plaque is a tangible way to honour her or him. The plaque includes a few words that testify to your loved one's life and legacy, but it doesn't need to be lengthy. Good places for the memorial plaque include the deceased's grave marker, or you can hang it on a wall.

Include the words "In Memory Of" or "In Loving Memory Of" at the top of the plaque, followed by the name of the individual who is being remembered. If the individual also had a nickname, you can include the letters "A/K/A" (Also Known As), followed by the nickname.

Place dates of birth and death on the memorial plaque to indicate the lifespan of the individual.

Include a short sentimental phrase or statement on the plaque to indicate what the individual is being remembered for. For instance, you could say, "A selfless lifestyle that was dedicated toward creating a better way of life for others." A short sentiment might be something like "Forever living in our hearts."

Include a dedication phrase that indicates who is awarding the memorial plaque, if hanging the plaque on a wall. A common dedication phrase begins with "Dedicated By," followed by the name of the person or organisation. You can also include the date the dedication was made.

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