How to Tie Converse Double Tongues

Updated April 17, 2017

Converse is a brand known for doing something a bit different in shoe trends. The Converse "Double Tongue" style consists of a sneaker with two separate tongues and two sets of eyelets. The lacing styles and combination are endless, however the double lace is most popular and helps accentuate the sneaker's unique double tongue.

Pull the outside tongue of the sneaker back to reveal the inside tongue.

Place one side of the lace through the bottom, inside, left eyelet. Place the other side of the lace through the bottom, inside, right eyelet. The laces will now be on the inside of the shoe.

Thread the left lace up one eyelet up on the left, then cross over the tongue and thread it through the right eyelet directly across. Thread the right lace up to the next available spot on the right side of the sneaker. Pull it across the tongue and thread through the left eyelet directly across.

Continue threading the lace in a bar pattern until the top of the sneaker. You will end with the laces on the inside of the shoe. You may simply tuck them in, or tie a bow.

Pull the outside tongue towards the shoe and tuck it into the sneaker so it sits securely against the inside tongue. Thread one side of the lace through the outside, left eyelet and thread across the tongue. The lace will appear out of the bottom, right, outside eyelet.

Thread the right lace diagonally into the left eyelet hole. Repeat in a crisscross pattern until you reach the second from the top eyelet.

Tie a bow in the laces, then fold the remaining outside tongue down. This will reveal part of the inside tongue that has been strait-laced.


For a looser fit, do not pull tightly on the inside laces when you thread them. Leave a bit of give on each lace.

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