How to get fiberglass out of clothing

Containing tiny particles of glass, fibreglass is a common material for home insulation. Fibreglass particles attach themselves to various surfaces including clothing and are rather difficult to remove. These sharp glass particles will irritate your skin, long after you stop coming in contact with the fibreglass. Cross-contaminating other clothing with the fibreglass is a common problem when trying to clean the garments.

Set your washing machine to a regular cycle with the right temperature setting for the clothing being laundered.

Let the washing machine begin to fill with water and add 1/4 cup of washing powder. Alternatively, if your washing machine features a detergent receptacle, use it.

Submerge the clothing in the water. Wash only the clothing exposed to the fibreglass. Washing other items at the same time will cause the fibreglass particles to transfer to the other items.

Close the washer, and let the machine finish a complete cycle. Remove the clothing immediately from the washer and hang it dry for several hours.

Set the washing machine to the greatest water capacity, and let the washing machine begin to fill with water. Close the washer lid or door and let the washing machine run a complete cycle, without adding detergent or clothing items. This will rinse the washing machine clean of any fibreglass particles left behind from the clothing.

Consider repeating Step 5 to make sure you have rinsed all fibreglass particles from the washing machine.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4 cup washing powder
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