How to Tell if Friends Like Each Other

Updated April 17, 2017

There is a fine line between friendship and romance, and it can be tricky to decide whether a friendship is platonic or leaning towards romance. Casual flirting, obvious physical attraction or a general sense of their closeness can send confusing messages to people observing the friends. There are telltale signs that can help you to figure whether two people are just friends or if there is more building between them.

Find out if he regularly pays for her dinner or lunch. Many guys who are interested in going beyond friendship will insist on paying for their dates, especially at the beginining of the romance.

Determine whether he is trying to get to know her friends. A guy who is interested in dating a girl will often try to get to know her friends in order to get on their good side.

Observe their body language. Friends who sit close together, hold hands or who constantly touch each other are often beginning to cross the line between friendship and romance. However, if the two are closed off from one another, this could show that they are moving away from a relationship.

Determine whether they talk about members of the opposite sex in front of each other. Although many friends discuss their love interests, those who are romantically interested in each other will likely refrain from talking about anyone of the opposite sex within earshot of the other person.

Understand how often and when these friends communicate. A guy who lets a girl know that she can call him at anytime, no matter how late, is clearly signalling his availability and is not concerned about being interrupted. This also means that he is interested in talking to her whenever she wants to talk.

Be direct and ask your friends about their relationship, especially if you feel that you deserve to know or if you know that they won't mind you asking. Talk to them separately to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment or drama.

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