How to Get Graffiti Off of a Brick Wall

Updated February 21, 2017

Graffiti, if done with respect and with permission can be a great form of artistic expression. Unwanted graffiti, however, can become an eyesore and an invitation for others to paint their mark on your brick walls. If you have graffiti on your brick wall and you want to remove it, rest assured it is possible. With the right process, you can make your walls look as they did before they were painted.

Locate the area where water runs off the wall and onto the ground. Place chemical absorbent mats on the ground to catch the paint runoff. This protects the environment and ensures you comply with local building regulations. You can get chemical absorbent mats at most home improvement centres or automotive part retailers.

Cover any electrical sockets on the outside of the building with plastic and electrical tape. Do this even if the outlet has a waterproof cover. The cover protects the outlet from rain not pressurised water.

Close all windows and ensure they are locked. Close all doors. This will prevent water from getting into the building.

Apply a coat of enamel paint remover to the surface of the brick with a paintbrush. Follow the directions for the amount of time you should allow the remover to stay on the brick before washing it off. In some cases, the directions for the remover will require you to cover the wall with a sheet of plastic to keep the remover from evaporating. If this is the case, cover the wall with a sheet of plastic and tape it on with duct tape.

Remove the plastic if necessary and set your power washer on a psi setting between 900 and 1,200. If you set it at a higher pressure you could damage the brick and mortar.

Place the tip of the pressure washer nozzle approximately 2 feet away from the wall and angle it downward. Start at the top of the wall. Turn on the washer and force the paint off the wall as you work across and down the wall.

Repeat the chemical application process and the spraying process if all of the paint does not come off the first time.


Always wear eye protection when you use paint strippers and pressure washers.

Things You'll Need

  • Chemical absorbent mat
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Duct tape
  • Enamel paint remover
  • Pressure washer
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