How to Decorate with a Beige Sofa

The sofa is often the most important piece of furniture in a living room. It is the cornerstone of the entire room's colour scheme and can set the tone for the rest of the room. If you are trying to decorate with a beige sofa and feel stymied, there are plenty of options available for your room. Beige is a neutral colour that blends with several different colour palettes, and new colours can be brought in that coordinate well with this sofa.

Select your colour palette for the room. Since you have a beige sofa, the obvious choice is to stay within that neutral colour palette and make the rest of the room beige or tan as well. However, black and white and even red coordinate well with beige. Darker complementary colours include chocolate brown, while lighter complementary colours include ivory. Sage green and yellow are contrasting colours, which can also be incorporated.

Place a throw rug in front of the beige sofa. This rug should contain beige as well as your other colour scheme's components in the design. For a contemporary feel, go with a modern or geometric design on your rug. For a more traditional approach, a floral pattern would work well.

Create a conversation area with chairs. Chairs can be placed so they are facing the beige sofa. They can either be upholstered in similar colours or in a contrasting or complementary colours.

Tie your colour scheme together with throw pillows. Simple throw pillows can be used to bring the entire room together. For example, if you have a beige sofa with white and black chairs, place black and white pillows on the sofa and beige pillows on the chairs. This helps your design feel cohesive.

Hang artwork that complements the room design and your colour scheme. To finish off a room with a beige sofa, choose artwork that contains the colours in the room, as well as highlights your design theme. Hang this artwork over the sofa to draw attention to the cornerstone of your room.

Things You'll Need

  • Throw pillows
  • Coordinating chairs
  • Rug
  • Art prints
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