How to sleep with rollers

Updated November 21, 2016

Rolling hair can be a time-consuming task. You must keep them in your hair for at least two hours before removing them so that you can get the wave or curl that you want. Sleeping with rollers is far more time-efficient, and it allows you to keep the rollers in your hair for an extended period of time. However, sleeping with rollers can be uncomfortable and cause hair breakage if you do not prepare your hair properly. Take a few extra minutes with your rollers and have a good night's sleep without damage to your hair.

Put a fabric headband around your neck before rolling your hair. It will be harder to put it on later after your head is full of rollers.

Put in your sleep rollers or soft foam rollers as you normally would.

Look in the mirror to confirm that the rollers are secured and that all the hair you want curled is rolled. Secure any pieces of hair that look like they may fall out with a hair clip for extra hold. The rollers will loosen overnight, so start them out as tight as possible.

Place a shower cap over your entire head, being careful not to disturb the rollers.

Pull up the front of the headband that has been hanging around your neck. It should cover the top part of your forehead and tuck under your shower cap. This will help keep your rollers in place.

Go to bed and sleep as usual. Sleep rollers and soft foam rollers are designed to be slept in, so you should be able to lay comfortably.


Sleeping with rollers can cause damage to the hair because they pull at the hair. Securely set hair in the rollers to avoid damage and achieve optimum curls.

Things You'll Need

  • Sleep rollers
  • Soft foam rollers
  • Shower cap
  • Hair clips
  • Headband
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