How to Write a 50th Anniversary Announcement for the Newspaper

Updated November 21, 2016

After a half-century of marriage, it's time to celebrate. Couples reaching this milestone often choose to share the happiness of their 50th wedding anniversary by publishing an announcement in the community newspaper. Many newspapers will publish these stories at no cost. Some publications have forms to fill out for anniversary announcements, but couples also can compose their own by writing about the past, their current situation, and how they plan to celebrate the occasion.

Write the couple's basic information. This should include the names of the husband and wife, including the wife's maiden name. State where they live. Also, announce that they are celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Tell about the couple's past. This should include their wedding date, where they were wed, and what the wedding was like. Also, briefly describe how they met. These details will paint a picture for newspaper readers about what life was like for the couple in the beginning of their marriage.

Describe what the couple does today. If the husband and wife are retired, say so -- but also include what jobs they had in the past. Write about their favourite hobbies and any organisations or clubs they belong to. Gardening, fishing, mountain climbing and volunteering at church are all activities that tell a bit about the couple.

Write about the couple's family. Include the names of their children and any grandchildren. Describe activities they like to do with their family, such as camping trips or baking cookies.

Include how the couple reached the milestone. The 50th anniversary is an impressive mark, and many newspaper readers like to know how the couple made it work. Humour, trust and commitment are some of the traits couples might credit with keeping them together. Sharing this information in the announcement not only will tell more about the husband and wife, but also provide tips and encouragement to others.

Include any celebrations the couple has planned for their anniversary. This might be a cruise to Europe or a barbecue with family at home. If the event is something the public is invited to, include the party's information in the announcement, such as where and when it will be held.


Many newspapers accept photographs to accompany an anniversary announcement. For your 50th anniversary, include two photos: one from your wedding and another current snapshot.

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