How to Write an Absent Letter From School

Updated March 23, 2017

Schools often require a written note from the parent when a child has been absent for any length of time. The note allows the school to keep track of why the child was absent and it also lets the school know that the parent was aware that the child was out of school. Open communication with the school gives everyone a better idea on how the student is doing.

Place the current date at the top left hand corner of the page. An example of how to write the date is: "May 16, 2011."

Write a greeting under the date. Place the word Dear "Ms/Mr" and the teacher's last name. An example would be "Dear Mr. Dober."

State the reason that your child was out of school. For example, if your child had the stomach flu you would say, "My child missed school yesterday due to the stomach flu."

Sign your name to the excuse letter so the teacher knows that it is from you.

Attach a doctor's note to your letter if your child went to the doctor's office or the emergency room due to the illness.

Place the letter in an envelope with the teacher's name on it and put the letter in your child's school bag or hand the letter to the teacher if you drop your child off at school.


Call the school when your child is going to miss a day. This lets the school know that you are aware of the fact your child is not at school. Keep in touch with the teacher throughout your child's missed time at school. The teacher can give you homework to complete while she is out. Contact the bus company and let it know your child is not attending school if your child rides a bus.


Take your child to the doctor and get a doctor's note if the child misses more than one day of school due to an illness. Schools like to know that parents are actively seeking medical care if a child needs it.

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