How to anchor a trampoline from the wind

Updated April 17, 2017

A trampoline can be a great source of outdoor entertainment --- it is both fun and provides exercise. Trampolines, due to their design, are often very light, and this can cause problems if your area is hit with strong winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, or other storms. By properly anchoring your trampoline you can avoid damage to your property and others' that could occur if your trampoline were to be blown away by strong winds.

Place your trampoline on grassy, level, solid ground. Avoid putting it on sand or loose soil, as your stakes will need to be firmly planted in the ground. Areas with dense tree coverage or high fences can supply extra coverage from the wind.

Remove contents from your anchor-down kit. Most kits include four stakes, or augers, and straps to connect the stakes to your trampoline.

Distribute the stakes evenly around your trampoline so that it will be properly held on all four sides. The stakes are like large screws that are twisted into the ground. Screw the stakes into the earth all the way to the rings on the stake tops.

Tie the straps tightly to the rings of the stakes, and then to the ring at the edge of your trampoline. Pull the straps tight so that there is minimal slack between the stake and the trampoline. The tighter the strap, the more resistance your trampoline will have against strong winds.


The more stakes you use to anchor your trampoline, the less likely it is to be taken by wind. If your anchor-down kit only comes with four stakes, consider buying an additional one if you live in an area that is susceptible to strong winds.

Things You'll Need

  • anchor-down kit
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