How to Kill Dandelions & Clover From Grass

Updated July 19, 2017

Clover and dandelions are unsightly weeds that plague lawns from coast to coast. Once these weeds invade your lawn, they spread like wildfire. You will have a greater chance of eliminating the dandelions and clovers living among your grass by using a mixture of weed-removal methods. Your landscaping will be much better off once the work is complete.

Pull dandelions and clovers from the soil, making sure to remove the entire root structure from the ground. Pulling out dandelions is most effective within the first two weeks of its life because of its weak developing root structure. Leaving a tiny bit of dandelion root leaves enough for the weed to eventually grow back.

Mow the grass frequently. Regularly apply appropriate fertiliser to promote healthy grass. A yard containing well-cared-for grass will take nutrients away from clovers. The remaining clover population will suffer and die out. Use a bag to catch mower clippings to prevent the further spread of dandelions and clovers.

Spray the yard with an herbicide clearly labelled for clovers and dandelions. Carefully read the instructions to ensure the weed-killing substance should be used on your grass type. These varieties of herbicides are selective, meaning they will not kill your grass and other plants not listed on the packaging. As the clovers and dandelions die off, reseed the lawn to fill in empty spots and to choke out remaining weeds. Due to the persistence of these weed species, you may need to spray the grass several times a year.


Improperly spraying grass with weed killer may result in the accidental killing of grass, ornamental plants, or harm to people and animals.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray herbicide
  • Lawnmower
  • Grass fertiliser
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