How to Put a Bobbin Case in a Singer Stylist 513

Written by samuel wexler | 13/05/2017
How to Put a Bobbin Case in a Singer Stylist 513
The smaller bobbin can be refilled from the main spool. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

The Singer Stylist 513 is a sewing machine that produces what is known as a "lockstitch." To make this stitch, there is one thread that goes down through the eye of the needle and a second thread that comes up from below the needle from the bobbin. When the bobbin case is wound and ready for use, you must properly put it into the Singer Stylist 513 for the machine to function as it should.

Raise the presser foot, which holds the needle and turn the hand wheel towards you until the needle is as high as possible. This gives you space to access the bobbin compartment, minimising the risk of pricking yourself on the needle.

Open the slide plate underneath the needle.

Hold the bobbin so that it unravels when spun counterclockwise.

Place the bobbin down into the round compartment so that it fits in snugly.

Pull the thread into the notch.

Draw the thread under the tension spring, then back into the slot.

Hold about three inches of thread out from the slot as you close the slide plate, leaving the thread running up between the needle plate and the slide plate.

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