How to Batch Convert From PDFs to JPGs Using Bridge

The Adobe Bridge media manager is provided with the Adobe Creative Suite. Designed to work with all the Adobe creative products, it allows you to easily access your manage and access your media from a central location. Converting file types from PDF to JPG is easy.

Select all the PDFs you wish to convert.

Click "Tools," scroll down to "Photoshop," then "Image Processor."

Confirm your options in the dialogue box, then click "OK." Bridge will convert your files to the new format.

Open Photoshop.

Select "File," "Open" and navigate to the files you wish to convert.

Photoshop will automatically convert them to JPG format as it opens them. Save to your preferred location.

Open Reader. Select "Advanced," "Document Processing," "Batch Processing."

In the resulting dialogue box, click "New Sequence." Create a name for the sequence (such as PDFToJPEG) and click OK. Click "Select Commands." Choose a simple task from the dialogue box.

When it asks you which files to run the commands on, select "Selected Folder" and navigate to where the PDF's you want to convert. Select an output location and click "Output Options." In the "Output Options" dialogue, click the "Save Files As" drop-down arrow and choose JPEG. Run the sequence.

Mac users can use the Preview application to convert from PDF to JPG. Choose "File," "Open" and select your PDF files.

From the File menu choose "Save As..." and select "JPEG" from the drop-down menu.

Choose a location and click "OK." Preview will save your PDF as a JPG file.


If all else fails, another way to create JPG from a PDF is to use your scanner. Print the document first at the highest possible quality setting and then put the sheets into your scanner. Fire up the scanner software and save each scan as an image in the JPG format. This is a laborious step but will always work.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Bridge
  • Photoshop or Acrobat Reader
  • Scanner
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