How to flavor moonshine

Updated July 20, 2017

Moonshine can be flavoured with watermelon, peach, strawberry, apple cinnamon, raspberry or pretty much any fruit you can think of. If you prefer something a little sour, add lime, lemons, granny smith apples or green cherries. To avoid reducing the alcohol content, flavour the moonshine while making it. You can add flavour to moonshine after it's made but the liquid used to flavour the moonshine will dilute it and reduce the alcohol content.

Measure fruit or vegetables six times the weight of the water called for in your moonshine recipe. If you prefer to use a pre-made juice concentrate, calculate one fifth of the weight of the water called for in the recipe by dividing the water amount by five and measure this amount of juice concentrate.

Purée the fruit or vegetable in the food processor and strain any large pieces out. If you're using pre-made juice concentrate or purée, strain out any pulp, seeds or large pieces to make a smooth liquid by pouring it through the fine sieve strainer. It's acceptable to use if it's thick, as long as there are no chunks.

Measure the amount of liquid purée or juice made from the fruit or vegetable, or measure the amount of remaining pre-made juice concentrate, after straining.

Subtract the amount of liquid purée or juice concentrate from the amount of water asked for in the moonshine recipe and measure that amount of water.

Add the purée or juice concentrate to the measured water. The amount of water, in addition to the amount of juice, should equal the amount of water originally called for in the recipe.

Follow the instructions and ingredients per the moonshine recipe to complete your flavoured moonshine.


If you want to flavour moonshine that has already been distilled, add sugar to the purée or fruit juice to the preferred sweetness and pour that into the moonshine. This method will reduce the overall alcohol content by diluting it with the flavoured liquid.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit, flavouring or juice
  • Food processor
  • Fine sieve strainer
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