How to Create Animals With Texting Characters

Written by rebekah richards | 13/05/2017
How to Create Animals With Texting Characters
Impress your friends with cute animal emoticons. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Almost anyone can make a smiley face or a winking expression with texting characters. Up the ante by texting your friend a cute animal, such as a butterfly or a snail instead. Creating animals from letters, punctuation marks and symbols is a quick way to add personality and style to your text messages. You can use these adorable animal emoticons in casual e-mails, Facebook posts and instant messaging.

Create a bunny, (='.'=), using parentheses as ears, equal signs as whiskers, apostrophes as eyes and a period for a nose.

Type a cat, >^.^<, by using greater-than and less-than signs as whiskers, carats as ears and a period for a nose.

Make a pig, :8), using a colon for eyes, an 8 for a pig snout and a parentheses for a smile.

Type a snail, _@/, with an underscore for the tail, an "at" sign for the shell and a slash for the head.

Create a mouse, <:3)~~~~, with a less-than sign for a nose, a colon for eyes, a 3 for ears and several tildes for the tail.

Make a butterfly, })i({, with an i for the body, surrounded with parentheses and curly brackets for the wings.

Make a fish, ><> or <><, with a less-than and greater-than sign for the body and either a less-than or greater-than sign for the tail.

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