How to Import Gmail Contacts to Skype

Updated April 17, 2017

Adding contacts to Skype individually can be a slow, painstaking process. Unless you know your contact's Skype name, you must enter relevant information -- such as a name -- then comb through everyone matching that information to find the contact of your choice. If you already have contacts on Gmail, you have another, simpler option. You can search Skype for contacts from your Gmail contact list, then add some or all of the matching contacts to your Skype list.

Open Skype and log in with the account to which you want to import your Gmail contacts.

Click "Contacts" > "Import Contacts" within Skype. This opens a new Skype window.

Click the "Gmail" tab in the new window, and then provide your Gmail username and password. Click the "Import" button. It may take a moment for Skype to find your Gmail contacts.

Click the check boxes beside the Gmail contacts Skype located to decide which contacts to add to Skype. When you have selected the contacts you want, click the "Add (number) contacts" button, where "(number)" is the number of contacts you selected to add. Click "Next" when you are done.

Select Gmail contacts who do not have Skype accounts and who you wish to invite to Skype. Click "Send email" to invite these people to Skype. If you do not wish to invite these contacts, click "Skip."


You cannot contact your imported Gmail contacts through Skype until they accept you as a Skype contact.

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