How to Know the Sex of a Baby Rabbit

Updated February 21, 2017

Sexing young rabbits can be challenging, but it is a necessary step since rabbits can breed at only three months of age. In rabbits, the sex organs of both males and females are covered by a flap of furry skin called a prepuce. In order to prevent unwanted litters, you need to know whether a baby rabbit is male or female so you can separate the girls from the boys.

Turn the baby rabbit over so the stomach is facing up and the head is pointing away from you. You can restrain it by pinching the skin at the scruff of the neck.

Look at the area between the rabbit's hind legs. You should see a furry projection. This is the prepuce.

Press down lightly on the area just behind the prepuce. The skin will fold back and reveal either a pointed slit or a doughnut-shaped opening. If the rabbit has a slit, it's a female. If it has a doughnut-shaped opening, it's a male.


Look for a pair of reddish streaks at the anterior of the opening. These are blood vessel beds that only female rabbits have.

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