How to Make Transfers in "PES6 Master League"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Pro Evolution Soccer 6," also known as "PES6," is a sports game in which you can play as one of many soccer teams around the world, while customising the rosters of teams to your desires. In the "Master League" version of the game you transfers players between teams. However, the feature won't work on a console, like PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS or Xbox 360. You can only make transfers with the PC version of the game.

Open s Web browser and download the PES Master League Player Transfer software to the computer's desktop (see Resources).

Double-click the installation icon on the desktop and follow the prompts to install the PES software to the computer; choose the desktop as the save destination for the files to finish installing.

Open "PES6" and load the "Master League" file from which you want to transfer players. Open the PES software from the desktop and load the same "Master League" file you have open under "PES6."

Click players from the PES6 file and drag them into the PES software to transfer them to a different team; alternatively, you can transfer players back by clicking a player in the PES software and dragging him back to a team in PES6."

Save the settings in both programs and close both by clicking the red "X" in the right corner of their respective windows. Open "PES6" to access the players you transferred to different teams.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
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