How to Transport a Tiered Wedding Cake

Updated March 23, 2017

The wedding cake is one of the main attractions at the reception. The bride and the decorator want the cake to be intact and beautiful. Whether transporting the cake a mile or a thousand miles, the goal is to keep the cake clean and free of damage. When taking a tiered cake to a reception, you need to the steps that ensure a safe arrival.

Transport cake tiers, toppers and other decorations unassembled. They should be placed in boxes to keep them clean and prevent breakage. Use the items original packaging if it is available.

Place each tier on a sturdy base. If the cake is round or square, use the base should be the same shape. If the cake is an odd shape, place it on a square or oblong base board. The base needs to be thick enough to support the weight of the cake. Options include thick cardboard, plywood or plastic. There should be no more than two inches of space between the outer edge of the cake and the end of the base.

Put each individual cake tier in its own box. The base should fit snugly to avoid the cake from sliding around and causing damage to the icing and decorations. The box also serves to keep the cake free from dust and bugs. Another option is to place the tiers inside of a cake pan.

Position the boxes on an even non-slip mat or on carpet foam. If the tier is too large to be placed in a box carefully place them on top of carpet foam that is placed on the floor of the vehicle.

Keep the cake tiers cool during transport with the air conditioner turned on. If possible, place the cake tiers in the direct flow of the air. When possible place the cakes on the floor board on top of carpet foam. The foam serves to keep the cakes from shifting as well as filters any heat from the bottom of the vehicle.

Drive safely and avoid any sudden stops. Pushing too hard on the brakes may cause the cakes to slip and slide and cause damage.

Construct the cake at the reception site on the display table. Bring a repair kit to touch up the decorations and hide any damage that may have occurred during transportation of the tiered cake. Add other decorations and the cake topper.


Up to three stacked tiers can be transported assembled, but if possible, it's best to assemble at the reception. Reinforce the bottom of boxes with masking tape. If the tier is taller than the box, prop the sides up and tape the top closed. If possible, transport the cake tiers in an SUV or a van, as they have larger, flatter areas to place the cake on.


It is possible to transport cakes in the boot of a car; however, keep in mind that the air conditioner does not work there, so there is a greater chance of damage to the cake.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake decorations
  • Cake base
  • Cake box
  • Non-slip mat
  • Carpet foam
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Cake repair kit
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