How to Deactivate Clifford Auto Security Alarms

Updated February 21, 2017

Vehicle security is vitally important, especially if you have a new or prestigious vehicle likely to be targeted by thieves. Clifford alarm systems provide aftermarket, remote-controlled vehicle security systems that offer a range of different features, including basic audible alarms if your vehicle is being invaded or tampered with. Deactivating your Clifford auto alarm is uncomplicated using the system's key fob or keyring attached to your car keys. Each Clifford alarm provides different features, but the disarming process is usually the same.

Approach your vehicle without pulling on the door handles or touching the bodywork. Locate the "Unlock" button on your Clifford remote control key fob marked with an open padlock icon. Pulling on the door or touching the car might accidentally trigger the alarm.

Press the "Unlock" button while pointing the fob at the car. The horn sounds twice and the parking lights flash on and off twice when the alarm has been successfully deactivated. Some Clifford alarms give an audible signal when the system is disarmed.

Open the vehicle as normal using the remote control or key in the door. Your Clifford alarm might not be hooked up to unlock the doors. Once inside your vehicle is ready for use. Pressing the "Lock" button with the closed padlock symbol on the remote arms the system when you next leave your vehicle. Remember to lock the doors if your Clifford alarm isn't hooked up to do so.

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