How to Use Room Dividers for a Wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Use room dividers for your wedding as a functional tool to divide space but also to lend style to a large space. Room dividers can be used to create an intimate feel and to dress up plain walls. Room dividers come in a variety of styles such as wooden lattice, wood panels, fabric and canvas. Room dividers can be a creative way to dress up a wall or backdrop at your wedding venue, adding texture and style.

Place room dividers to create space behind the head table. This can be used in place of traditional drapings or signage, allowing the bridal party a place to stow away belongings.

Use dividers around the reception venue to create intimate spaces throughout. Begin placing dividers along the back side of the dance floor.

Place room dividers in corners of the room to give the room added character and shape. Place fig trees with small white lights in the crease of room divider fold.

Situate room dividers along walls throughout the venue, particularly to break up long walls that are long and difficult to decorate.

String miniature white lights along the room dividers that are placed along the dance floor, backdrop and walls. This will illuminate your head table and light up the dance floor.

Use satin ribbon in your wedding colours to tie lights into place or weave along room dividers to add a splash of colour, tying the room dividers in to the rest of your wedding decor.

Things You'll Need

  • Room dividers
  • Small white lights
  • Fig trees
  • Satin ribbon
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