How to Tell if a Guess Bag Is Real

Updated April 17, 2017

Counterfeit handbags are a billion-dollar-a-year business and there are knock-offs for most designer labels. Even Guess handbags, which are relatively affordable, generate lines of low-quality copies. Buying a handbag from a Guess store or an authorised dealer is the best way to avoid counterfeit products. There are also details in workmanship, packaging and labelling that shoppers can check to make sure a Guess bag is real.

Take a close look at the bag's overall workmanship. Examine the stitching and make sure it's even and tight. If the bag is made of a print fabric, inspect the seams to see if the print was carefully and consistently matched. Like all fashion houses that sell handbags, Guess has a high level of craftsmanship that usually isn't met in knock-offs.

Inspect the lining of the bag. Guess bags feature sewn-in fabric linings. Often they are a solid black twill, or a quality satin with the brand's signature interlocking Gs. Bags without linings or with glued-in linings are fakes.

Check the zippers, snaps and other hardware. One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Guess handbag, or any designer bag knock-off, is by inferior hardware. Zippers that close roughly, metal rings that show a gap and buckles that don't line up correctly are signs of a fake. Metal fasteners that attach a shoulder strap to the bag and the pull tabs on zippers are often stamped "Guess."

Make sure dust bags have the correct logo and colours. Dust bags are generally white with the word "Guess" in red or "Guess by Marciano" in grey. The company packages its high-end line of handbags in a brown dustcover with an intertwined G and C and the words "Guess Collection." Guess does not use any plastic packaging and plastic wrapping around straps or handles is a telltale sign of a counterfeit bag. Boxes for Guess handbags come in white or red and have the words "Guess by Marciano." There are no questions marks or triangles on any of the packaging.

Look for authentic labels. Guess labels are dark grey rectangles with rounded corners that read "Guess By Marciano." On the flip side, there's usually a white adhesive label that lists the handbag's style, colour, model number, price and bar code. Shoppers often mistake a "Made in China" label sewn into the bag as a sign of a knock-off. Guess handbags are made in China and the tag should be there. Some handbag counterfeiters misspell words and names and any mistakes are an obvious sign of a fake.

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