How to Write a Thank You Card After Death of Family Member

Updated April 17, 2017

If you received a card, a visit or assistance with your children from friends after the death of your family member, you can express your gratitude by writing thank-you cards for them. You can personalise the card by putting photos on the front along with any inspiring or encouraging quotes you heard them say. The messages in the cards should be brief but meaningful.

Mention specific reasons why you're thanking your friends. If a friend called you everyday during your time of grief and he visited with your children often, tell him you're grateful for his concern. Or if another friend helped you by providing flowers for the funeral or meals, thank her for the assistance.

Personalise the cards. Instead of buying greetings cards that come with messages, purchase a pack of inexpensive thank-you cards and write your own messages in either black or blue ink.

Ask relatives to write, label and mail the notes if you can't do it yourself. Write down the messages you want them to put in each card along with the mailing addresses of the people who will receive the cards.

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