How to use a UV pond filter

Updated April 07, 2017

UV pond filters are not actually filters. They are ultraviolet lights enclosed in a tube. As pond water flows through the tube, the ultraviolet light kills algae, protozoa and some bacteria. UV filters are usually used in conjunction with particle filters although they can stand alone. Many UV filters are not submersible and are intended to be installed in-line with the rest of your pond's filtration system. The standalone "Pondmaster" UV filter described here is submersible.

Install the quartz sleeve into the round end of the filter body. Push the sleeve into the body as far as it will go.

Unscrew the transformer from the main body. Align the centre slot and pins on the UV lamp with the connector inside the transformer.

Slide the transformer and lamp into the quartz sleeve. Screw the transformer back onto the main body of the UV filter and hand tighten.

Fully extend the power cord away from the pond toward a standard, outdoor power socket. Submerge the UV pond filter.

Plug the cord into the power socket. Observe the lights on the submerged unit to determine if it is working.

Replace the lamp once a year. Clean the quartz tube with vinegar and a scrubbing pad every four months.

Things You'll Need

  • Power source
  • Replacement lamp
  • Vinegar
  • Scrubbing pad
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