How to Roll a Scout Neckerchief

Updated November 21, 2016

A values-based youth development organisation, the Boy Scouts promotes character, social responsibility and fitness among boys and young men. The scouting uniform has been an integral part of this movement from its inception. The uniform represents equality, personal identification, achievement and commitment to scouting ideals. The official uniform includes a neckerchief, whose colour may vary depending on personal progress through the scouting system. Whatever his rank each scout must learn to roll and wear his neckerchief according to scouting standard.

Lay the scout neckerchief on a flat surface with the scouting emblem face up. Arrange the neckerchief so that the corner with the emblem faces you.

Fold the top, long edge beneath the neckerchief multiple times. Make the folds flat and keep them tight. Stop folding some 6 inches from the tip.

Lift the edges of the neckerchief. With the emblem facing out place the neckerchief around the upturned collar of the shirt so the edges come together over the shoulders.

Gather the neckerchief beneath the throat, bringing the two ends together.

Fit the neckerchief slide over the ends of the neckerchief. Grabbing the ends of the neckerchief to keep them straight, draw the neckerchief slide up toward the throat for a snug fit.

Things You'll Need

  • Scout neckerchief slide
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